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Mackintosh Photography is a full service professional photography studio in Sydney, Australia. Located in the inner west suburb of Rozelle, Sydney.
The photography studio specialises in architectural photography in Sydney and corporate portraits in Sydney. Photographing  People and architecture. Simple really.  They are at the core of our photography studio.  "I love the freedom of expression been able to capture a building or an interior with just the right light. Yet I thoroughly enjoy the photographic and personal challenge of having the ability to make people look the best in the camera naturally without having to rely on overdone Photoshop" -  Justin Mackintosh Principal Photographer.

We specialise in corporate & commercial photographyarchitectural photography and portraits across Sydney and interstate. 

Our professional photography corporate portraits and head shots,  are creative images of CEO's, entrepreneurs and business leaders. We also capture photos of your staff and cool working lifestyle business portraits in your Sydney office or in an outdoor location.  We work with our clients in designing and styling the visual look and feel of the portraits. We also have designed special Personal Branding Photo shoots. 
In today's online marketing world. Having a professional portrait is very important. Your online portrait represents your image and your personal branding. The portrait needs to look fresh, genuine and honest. It's the photographer who makes you look great in photographs. It's the way Justin listens to what you're looking for in your portraits. And making you genuinely feel relaxed and comfortable with professional photography experience.

The studio is a specialist Sydney based architectural practice. I love great timeless designs. Quality architecture lasts forever. I get great inspiration from photographing  buildings and infrastructure. Been a professional architectural photographer in Sydney is a rewarding and challenging career.  Architectural photography requires many skills. Not just technical photographic ones either.  You need to have a strong sense of design, empathy and purpose. I often collaborate with my clients who are architects and construction firms. Also specific building material suppliers. We listen to their needs and photography requirements and we photograph according  to their photographic brief. But with our personal photographic style.
Speaking about our style again, we love Adobe Photoshop, however it needs to be used with caution and with a sense of taste. When to use it and how much to use it comes with many years of experience. Justin Mackintosh has been professionally photographing Sydney architecture for over 15 years.
The architectural photography studio works in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne predominantly.
We also have recently established a base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to better service our Asian architectural clients. 
Our building, construction and architecture clients are leading architects, construction firms and commercial fit out companies in the commercial, educational, residential and hospitality areas of architecture. 

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