Mackintosh Photography Sydney Family Portraits

The school holidays are a great time to have the family professionally photographed. Everyone is more relaxed and our photography studio has more photography sessions available during the week. 

Megan and Paul thought that too, when I photographed their family during the holidays. Megan's parents were also visiting the family from New York, so what a perfect time to update the family portrait! Extended family photo shoots are great fun and so meaningful. Its wonderful getting mum and dad, all the kids and off course the grandparents involved too. 

I love photographing kids with their parents having a fun time. Its so rewarding and priceless, helping my clients preserve their family's legacy.

I selected a great photography location near the studio in Rozelle. The park is at Birchgrove with stunning Sydney Harbour Views, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney skyline. The park itself is right on the harbours' edge. You can even get you feet wet. Its such a wonderful place, lots of Sydney's famous sandstone, gum trees, the odd fisherman, and a large grassed area for the kids to run around on.

So for the next school holidays in winter, if you love candid, spontaneous and natural photo's of your children. Call the studio today and ask us about our winter special Offer.