Architectural Photography Sydney - Rose Seidler House

During the recent summer holidays I took a friend of mine who enjoys architecture to see an old favourite Sydney icon. The Rose Seidler House at Wahroonga in Northern Sydney. It's always a great challenge photographing a previous subject. Trying to fined that new angle of a building that you have photographed previously is creatively rewarding. I like to just sit down and observe. Ideas can come through the light falling on the house, the reflections and shadows. 

Sydney Architectural Photographer

It was designed by late Harry Seidler. It was built in 1948-50 for his parents Rose and Max, who lived there until 1967. I first photographed this modernist house way back in 2006 for the Historic Houses Trust of NSW. For more information about the house and see my photograph they used to best feature the house follow the link below.

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