Corporate Portraits - WeWork, 333 George Street Sydney

Recently I had the pleasure to photograph Barry Meskin Patent and Trademark Attorney at Baxter IP Patent & Trademark Attorneys.

Barry understood the need the to update his Personal Branding Images. You need to stay fresh and looking up to date when building your business profile. You can't keep using the same image for all your social media, people will get stale of seeing the same image. You will create a better memorable impact with a series of professional portraits. The portraits are ideal for LinkedIn, Company Website, Blogging, PR Announcements and Print Marketing material.

Our Personal Branding Photography Shoots are designed around you and your business. We collaborate together and create the look and feel of your photography shoot. We can guide you with styling assistance, photography location and hair and makeup. The location of this shoot was WeWork at 333 George Street Sydney. Actually, the building was designed by a client of mine Grimshaw Architects. WeWork offers a range different cool locations and looks within the same location. Excellent for photography purposes. including an amazing outdoor terrace with stunning Sydney City views. 

If you feel you would like have a chat about how Mackintosh Photography can help you with your personal branding portraits, please give us a call. 

Headshots Sydney

It's that time of year to update your headshot! The new year brings new staff and new marketing budgets and new business growth. So it's very important that your company presents its staff in the best possible way. The photo studio offers several types of business portraits. From the classical headshot to creative environmental portraits photographed on location in the streets of Sydney. We can photograph one key business person right through the entire staff in the business. The studio can also photograph your corporate portrait in your own office. We will bring all our professional lighting and background system and set up your own portrait studio in your boardroom. How easy and efficient is that.

The business portrait photography session below is a great example of what can be achieved in a couple of hours. We can do mix portraits. Like Headshots and the enviromentlal portraits and also team shots of the staff working. This is Jan Mcleod, have a look at her website The Capacity Equation. Jan contacted the studio because she needed to update her corporate profile. Jan also needed a range of photographs of herself for all aspects of her business. She needed the portraits to help market the business. The end use of her portraits will be for the Website, Linked In headshot, social media like Facebook and Instagram. Jan is a coach, mentor, speaker and consultant specialising in the areas of high performance, wellbeing and change strategy. So she also needed a new look for her bussiness coaching and event/conference speaking roles. In business, your have to look professional and yet approachable too.  I believe we achieved exactly that.