Personal Branding Portrait Photography

The executive and entrepreneur location portrait shoot represents your personal image in your business and career.  Mackintosh Photography have created  a personal branding photography package for business executives and entrepreneurs, who wish to stand out from the crowd. This special creative photography shoot is totally tailored for each portrait session, I liaise with the client in great detail prior to the shoot. We discuss the client's objectives for how these creative and relaxed business portraits will be used and in what media.      " What do you want these crafted portraits to say about you?"

How our portrait studio is different to other Sydney photography studios,  is because your personal branding photography shoot isn't just a glamour portrait session. Our images are about you and your business. Our portraits will convey integrity, honesty and show what you do and how you relate to your clients. The Sydney location for the photo shoot needs to relate to you, often at your place of work, consulting with a client and having some time out with a coffee.  We can help consult with about your wardrobe choices and we can arrange professional hair and makeup to.

“Justin is incredibly professional and creative. He took the time to listen to me, and he knew exactly the kinds of photos I wanted. He made the outdoor photo shoot fun and enjoyable as well. I loved the photos, and I cannot recommend Mackintosh Photography highly enough.” — Sonal Plush, PeopleScout

The location portrait shoot consists of a great selection of portraits, carefully selected by your photographer. There will a range of styles and formats to suit a wide range of media uses. On a typical shoot, the client will expect between 40 to 60 images as a guide. The shoot itself will take two to three hours. In this time you can change outfits and it also includes two or three different locations in Sydney for your personalised photography session. The portrait locations can be in an office boardroom, the reception foyer, your home office, a contemporary street view and even a cafe. The photography location choice we can discuss and refine the best options that represent you and your personal branding.